Wednesday, 28 January 2009


For the last few days I've been overwhelmed with stress and chaos for two reasons.
The first is 'that dog'

She is lovely when just with us, but every time someone comes round she barks her head off and is more ferocious than I would like. Even though she actually is doing nothing more than sitting next to me barking. I start off holding her choke chain whilst she calms down and then slowly let her go so she goes and sniffs whomever is sitting in the room.

What it's proving to me is how fragile my state of mind is at the moment.What I know of her I trust. I know she would defend me. I know she trusts me. But what I have to remember is she is a rescue dog whose history I don't know. And she is an Alsatian.
Both of which can make it uneasy at times when I have to be top dog by making sure she knows I'm boss.

So I'm going along feeling I've got her measure when suddenly something twitches her and she is not the dog I've assumed she is. So far nothing has been totally unmanageable. And I'm not living in a state of fear at all. Just when whatever happens,happens it makes the adrenalin zoom round my body at great speed and takes time to regain my equilibrium.

Added to that on Sunday I went on a training course for yet another part time job, bringing my job total to 5! This is a job doing network referrals, and means I have to find people who are prepared to talk to me for me to interest them in what I have to sell. Because it's network that means I have to start with people I know. And you'd think talking to my friends would be easy, but it is quite daunting. And I have to remind myself that it is the product they are not interested in and not me!

So the combination of these things is making me feel a bit wappy.

Thank goodness for walking that's all I can say cause I think that is what is between me and insanity at the moment.So to help hopefully soothe you here are a couple from today's walk, again in the Goyt Valley on a day when there was no air movement and the water was completely still.And the sense of peace and tranquility was awesome.

Hopefully as the days go on the chaos will recede and I can get my brain back and write the stuff I really enjoy.

I have to admit to a serious addiction and that's checking where people have come from to visit me... now I have loads of viewers in America and the UK, some in Africa and Australia and many European places..... but now I have been looked at by someone in Moscow and Shanghai, and a couple of the Arabic countries. I would so like to know who you all were.... do you feel you could tell me? But regardless of knowing who these people are isn't it amazing how the internet brings us the world.


Anonymous said...

It's me. The peeker. So, I'll leave a comment. Love reading your posts, and seeing your pictures. I'm in Oklahoma. Also added you to my blogroll.

trousers said...

Fantastic photos, especially the first one - must have been a lovely walk. It really is a big one (walking/exercise) for keeping one's insanity in check, n'est pas? I've been getting back into the cycling, did 30 miles on Monday, and might go out tomorrow too.

Love the fact that you used the word wappy, which we used to use constantly when growing up, but which I've barely - if ever - heard since.

You'll get there with Trixie in the end.


Cheryl Cato said...

5! No wonder you are stressed! Not only that but having to pitch to friends is difficult especially if you aren't 100% behind the product.

I feel for you. I hope things get better with Trixie. I know how getting a rescue dog can be. They come with unknown baggage. I have a rat terrier that I got when she was 1 and is now in her 11th year. The first year was a bit difficult; she always wanted to have eyes on me. If I left her she became anxious. She finally outgrew it (after about a year) and knows to wait for me--god willing, I'll be back to care for her.
She is the light of my life along with my wonderful husband. It takes time and it may not work out as you plan, but hopefully it will. Good luck with Trixie & with the 5 jobs!
I'm from central Texas... visit my blog.

Christine said...

Thanks for your kind comment and welcome. I enjoyed reading through your blog and look forward to reading through more. Love the pictures!! :)

justme said...

Hoping tranquility wins out over stress for you! Lovely photos. as always.
I look at my site meter occassionally, but cannot make head nor tail of the results!

Fire Byrd said...

Mrs C welcome lovely to meet you. I've put you on my blog roll too!

trousers love your cotton socks hon

hey cheryl, I've done as I was told and now you are on my blog roll.

devi's grace welcome here as well as to blogland.

just me, I'm working on the tranquility, even though I should be in bed!

CheekyDani said...

Hey Madame Byrd sorry you're stressed. Sounds like you need the Dog Whisperer in... poor pooch is probably confused, poor humans too though, I'd be stressed by that too. Big e-hugs for you x

Barbara said...

We went through a whole year with the dogs from hell -- a pair of viszlas who were cute as puppies, but overwhelming as adult dogs. We ultimately ended up giving them away to a German woman on a farm in order to regain our sanity. Good luck with the dog! Hopefully it won't come to that for you.

Annie Wan said...

it's me, i wonder if i now have a different flag against my blogname... do tell.

do you know you put the products they are not interested in - that in itself is telling, you don't ned me to tell you that!

one thing i learnt about bein a dog owner is that the dogs take their cue from us a lot of the time, or can be made to, so a nudge followed by a command can remind her how you would like her to behave. and like chldren, you have to be consistent, at least from th beginning.

love your new pictures xx

Val said...

presume trixie is more protective on home ground than when on your glorious walks? it will prob take some time for her to trust that this wondeful new world is here to stay. those photos are fabulous and make me feel calm too :-) good luck with all you have going at the mo!

karen said...

oh trix!! as you say, the rescue dog aspect must have something to do with it...I'm sure it'll just take a matter of time. Don't blame you for feeling "wappy"? nice word! never heard it before, but i like it!!

A walk with nature never fails to help...

*pleas go on over to my blog, and pick up your award! :-)

Lori ann said...

I hope time will heal these frustrations Fire Byrd. Trixie is lucky to have you, and so are all the people who work with you.
I agree, getting outdoors is the best way to clear our heads! such pretty photos.

RuneE said...

Some advice: get rid of that dog and "walk the camera". It doesn't bark, bite or pooh. On the other hand it gives you hours of pleasure. From your pictures I can see that you know to use it too.

PS Than you for the comment! No. 3 is my favourite too, but I need to work a bit more on tht b & W. conversion. Some time.

hele said...

i know how stressful a leaping dog can be. my eldest arjun started leaping at little kids and as a result i found a south african dog psychologist who has a whole new angle on dog training.

i can mail you some info if you want?

much love and soothing waves to your jangled nerves*

Sage said...

You have an award, waiting on my blog for you

Sorrow said...

Just stopped in to leave a kiss
so you knew i had been by!

Chris Ford said...

An angry dog will be an angry dog and you'll never quite know. Be careful.

Walker said...

I hope the dog learns to trust your instincts a little more and not being overly protective as it is now and it doesn't help that it is a BIG dog.
Maybe you can get it a saddle to break it in like they do horses.

I hope the weekend gives you some stressless time :)

Mel said...

k...just hearing about the puppy's reactions made my heart leap. Frankly, that'd stress me out, too.

And five?

Whatever happened to 'moderation'?

((((((((( the byrdie ))))))))))))

Ya know, my best intentions sometimes are a bit daunting.....just sayin'.....