Wednesday, 10 September 2008


I dearly love my sons, but I could strangle them most nights at the moment.
My sleep is awful, has been for years and years. I blame childbirth, cause I'm sure I slept before that!

There are some times when the amount of times I wake up gets to ridiculous proportions and recently that has been true.

Sometimes I just wake up, have a pee and go back to bed and sleep, but at the moment when I wake up I can be awake for an hour or more.

During the day this doesn't bother me, I'm no tireder than I usually am unless I do two different hours up,like now.

And I wake up early, so I've been going to bed around 10.30.

Tonight at 12.27 Youngest with attitude walks in and starts a conversation with me. Normally he would have been mumbled at,at where to go. But tonight he was in a state of shock. He and his friends had been driving in three cars somewhere, when the first one lost control of his car. Hit the curb, as he was dazzled by oncoming headlights, over compensated, swerved hit the other side of the road, rebounded back and hit a tree then the car literally spinning into the air, landing on its back end. Amazingly the two lads inside got out with just bumps and bruises. And no-one thank God was in the back as they would have been dead.

My son couldn't believe his friends weren't seriously injured, he was a passenger in the next car. He called the police and the ambulance and appears to have taken control of the situation and looked after everyone.

So I couldn't not listen to him as he was very shocked to, and when he'd told me what went on, then had to spend some time talking over other things to calm himself down before going to bed at 1.33am

3.58, eldest son comes up the stairs to bed, I was dreaming and starting to wake so heard him, even though he was really quiet. But that was it, awake, hot flush, sweating and no point in trying to fight how awake I now was.

So now I'm here and I've got a question cause as I awoke I became aware of something about how I dream and I wondered how other people dream. In that, in my dreams I sometimes end up taking on the roll of everyone who features in my dreams, as often I don't know them. Almost as if I was doing a one man play and swapping characters in a play.

Does anyone else dream like this or am I just nuts?

I rarely am able to remember the content of my dreams, unless they feature my ex husband and those are generally the ones that comes closest to a nightmare for me, literally. And nearly everyone of my dreams regardless of what it's about take place in my childhood home, which I left when I was 21.

So it's now 4.30 and maybe I've been properly awake for long enough, and my bed will have cooled down,and I will go and have a marmite sandwich first, then I might if I'm lucky go back to sleep.

Just as well I've no work till the afternoon!!!

Night night!!


Walker said...

I don;t remember much of my dreams unless I'm sick or my ex shows up for a visit but I'm awake for those nightmares.

Maybe you have alot on your plate and have taken up all the roles in your life and dream about the one woman show in your sleep.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Goodness, I'm very glad the boys were all ok and hope you got some sleep in the end! BG x

Trixie said...

They were extrememly lucky!

My dreams are like movies, sometimes I have sequels. But I never play all the roles. Yep, you are a nutter! lol

Mei Del said...

i remember some dreams where i also play all the roles. but i don't always dream like this. and i often dream that i'm a man, go figure!

trousers said...

I sometimes dream like that, but then I can dream about anything and everything from any given point of view. Which, when I'm going through a phase in which they're very vivid, can be amazing or (pun sort of intended) can be a real nightmare.

Also, what benefitscroungingscum said. x

~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~ said...

I'm glad the boys were okay!!!! How scary!

Dreams?... Usually they are nonsensical movie type things... like I'm watching it happen, and then, when I think about it afterward it makes no sense AT ALL.

Sorrow said...

Light sleeper? Oh heck yeah!
crazy dreams?
kids to blame?
why not!
Now you just need to rest...
Docs orders!

Jessica Raymond said...

((Hugs)) for your son.

I quite often dream that I'm a famous person of some kind, e.g. I'm Alanis Morissette, or I'm Mischa Barton. It's strange because I'm still me, but I'm them at the same time, living their life and being recognized as them. Odd!

(Stopping by through Black Boxes.)