Monday, 11 August 2008


As you can see I've renamed myself. That's what comes of coming home early from work.
I'm sure that I really ought to have done something more sensible like the ironing, but it wouldn't have been nearly so much fun!

I've changed my name (again!) as somehow bollinger byrd didn't fit me. It probably hadn't ever done, but it was what I thought of after the end of Pixie, that sort of had the same feel to it. Something luxurious and something sweet.

But I feel recently that I actually have/am changing a lot. I feel I have to have something that represents what I've been going through. And to me I do feel like I have risen like a phoenix out of the flames and I need to celebrate what I have achieved.

The other day the wonderful picsie, whose photographs are to die for and who always uses a quote to illustrate her picture used this quote from Carl Jung, who is a hero of mine and I thought it was apt:

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside - dreams
Who looks inside - awakens

And that is what I feel I have being doing.

Welcome to the new me! Who really will be an awful lot like the old me, except inside, where I'm working hard at awakening.


Mei Del said...

looking forward to it ms byrd ;)

Lady in red said...

fire yes I think fire is good gives off warmth besides you were born under a fire sign

Ronjazz said...

Looks good to me. Just don't ever change that erotic, loving nature inside. That's a plus!

Fire Byrd said...

mei xx
lady xx
ron, hon that part of ain't going nowhere, it's just waiting to be re-awoken when the time is right!

Blogget Jones said...

Fantastic quote....I'm going to make a note of that one. Luv ya lots and can't wait to see what's ahead!

:o) BJ

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I dunno, more name changes than the artist formerly known as Prince ;)
BG x

Picsie Chick said...

Fire Byrd. Very nice.
change, rebirth, awakening
these are all hard
but they are a celebration of life and I'm honoured to be invited to share this with you

Many hugs and happy mindful butterflies,

Fire Byrd said...

blogget, luv ya too hon. lets hear it for women sorting it out!

bendy, cheeky! mind you if I'd known when I started changing stuff this afternoon that I'd still be letting people know I've changed several hours later.....

picsie, you are a daily inspiration with your photos.


trousers said...

Ah, I did wonder what was happening when I clicked on your bollingerbyrd link.

Thank goodness you haven't changed it to FairyBlogmother :)


Anyway - here's to the next stage of your journey, it looks to be an inspiring one.


Mel said...


Oh, I'm just honoured that I get to be along for the ride!


(and I love the photo at the top of the page!)

aka k said...

blimey...was it something I said? One visit and you've upped and changed!

Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) so said those other brit byrds :)

Sorrow said...

looking forward to watching you soar!

miss*R said...

Phoenix.. that is what I thought when I came to this new you..
you are an amazing woman.. I read the last post, was gonna comment but then saw all those comments and thought i would get lost in among them... so here I am ... telling you that I like you because you are genuinely caring of others.. something that I don't find in many people these days.. the word that I find mostly missing in those people is genuine xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think the new you is just fine. There was nothing wrong with the old you of course but we all see ourselves differently and it feels so good sometimes, to have a change.

Best wishes,
CJ xx

Fire Byrd said...

trousers sweetie don't tell everyone the secret name you have for me!!!!!!

mel, I wouldn't do it without you.
the picture is the river Thames in Oxfordshire at a place called Abingdon I used to live there and still have friends I visit.

aka-k ah yes secret man. glad you bothered to refind me.

sorrow,if it wasn't for you the new me would still be hiding under a rock somewhere... I do not have the words, but I know you know.

robyn, I'm so glad you see me as a phoenix, I do feel that I'm rising up and on my own. It's a powerful feeling. But I know that even though I may be on my own with friends like you around me I'll always be safe, if I need proping up from time to time.


Gledwood said...

too much Bollinger never suited anyone...(!!)

Fire Byrd said...

welcome Gledwood, love the hamster.Also love the champagne can't get enough of the bubbly stuff.

nitebyrd said...

I LOVE the new name! Yes, like a phoenix and HOT as well. LOL

My daughter has also chosen a phoenix as her "totem", so to speak. She also feels it symbolizes rebirth and renewal of life.

Irene said...

Congratulations on your new name and the new feeling that comes with it. There is nothing more uplifting than change, i have done it thrice now and every time it feels goo and better. You go for it, girl.

Fire Byrd said...

nitebyrd..... if I'm hot you must be absolutely scorching!!!

irene, yep reinvention feels good.almost at peace with myself so that's gotta be good.


Exmoorjane said...

You know what? I really like this. I never quite felt BB was you.....this feels much much more 'right' somehow. Love that fire - I'm a chilly old earthy so it is delicioiusly warming....
Only thing - grrrr - have to change my blogroll now...

Walker said...

I love that quote and its been awhile since i seen it.
Its so very true.

Out of the ashes is born a new energy.

Fire Byrd said...

jane, it does feel better to me to, and I am truely sorrow about your blog roll!

walker it is a good quote isn't it, just sums up how i wantto be at the moment as well.


Anonymous said...

Better name.

Fire Byrd said...

nice to see you're maintaining your man of few words standard dear innocent.

Mei Del said...

oops left the comment at the foot of the wrong post

ChrisH said...

Congratulations on your rebirth - the name sounds stronger, somehow.

ChrisH said...

Gawd! Just popped back to say that the comment you left brought tears to my eyes, it's so true!

darth sardonic said...

well i got ya updated in my pals list. here's to many more! posts, not name changes.

Fire Byrd said...

mei, what are you like?

chrish, I do feel stronger somehow and more genuine, if anyone with a blog name can feel that.

darth, I've changed my surnmae four times in my life, and now have my mother's maiden name cause it felt right.And this name feels right too, so like my surname which I have no intention of changing ever maybe this will stay the same.